What Are the Different User Types?



Profit Drive allows you to choose the User Type for anyone you add to the system!  These are broken down into 3 different User Types:  Partner, Employee & Drivers.


PARTNER -- Partners will have full access to the system and the same access as the primary account holder.  Since the access for a Partner is the same as the primary account holder, you are not allowed to adjust permissions for this type of user.


EMPLOYEE -- Employees will have access to most of the system while allowing the primary account holder to set his/her permissions in regards to the use of system credits for Skip Tracing & Direct Mail Campaigns.  These permissions can be easily edited inside of the user account.


DRIVER -- Drivers have the least amount of system access and are not allowed to use System Credits for Skip Tracing & Direct Mail Campaigns and are restricted to only seeing the leads they submitted.  The permissions can not be changed for this user type.




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