How Do I Filter Search My Leads?


Let's Search Leads By Using Filters

There are many categories you can filter your leads by when looking for a specific one or a group.

You can search by using the following filters: address, city, state, zip, owner, date found, route, status, note, owner occupancy, last sale year, lead process status, street rank, lead value, skip trace and user. 

In a few simple steps, learn how easy it is to search leads by using a variety of filters. 



In this support article, you will learn step-by-step how to search leads by filters.  



1. Log in to your Profit Drive account. Then, click on Leads located on the left-hand side. In the drop-down menu, click on List View.




2. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the filter icon.




3. Under Select Action, click on the space provided. 



In the drop-down menu, select which filter you want. 




4. In the space next to the filters located on the right-hand side, type in the associated information of tha filter. 

Note: If you selected the address filter, then type in the address you are looking for.



5. You can user more than one filter at a time. To add a filter to your search, click on + Add Filter located in the right-hand corner. 




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