What are TAGS?


Let's Define Tags

A tag is a keyword or categorizing term that can be attached to a lead, contact or deal.

Tags are useful when you need find a specific lead, contact or deal for business purposes. You can do so by using that specific tag to search for the information you need. 

Furthermore, you can use tags to organize your leads, contacts, and deals into categories and tailor your actions to certain groups. 

How can I use them?

For example, if certain leads or contacts are ready to sell, you can create a tag called “Hot Lead” and apply it to those certain leads or contacts. 

This can help you differentiate your "Hot Leads" from other leads that you have who may not be ready to sell. If you wanted to see how many "Hot Lead" contacts you have, you use can use your "Hot Lead" tag to filter the contacts that you are looking for. 

To filter, you can select the tag from your filter options in order to see only those who have been tagged with it.

This can be a great way to categorize and group various people in your lead or contact list. Tags also can be used to categorize both deals and leads. 


Thank You!

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about tags! For questions, contact us at support@profitdrive.com

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