How Do I Edit A User's Profile?


Let's Edit A User's Profile

Keeping an employee's user profile updated is important. 

A user's profile includes their name, email address and phone number. If and when you need to get a hold of that user, you can do so easily by visiting their profile inside Profit Drive. 

Perhaps you want to change an employee's user type, you also can do that with just a few clicks. Or maybe you want to delete this user altogether. 

Whatever section you want to edit, it will take practically no time at all.



In this support article, you will learn step-by-step how to edit a user. 



1. Log in to your Profit Drive account. Then, click on Team Members located on the left-hand side menu. 




2. Next, select a team member's profile that you are wanting to edit.




3. You will be taken to that user's profile. Click on the boxes provided and type in the associated information. 




4. When you are finished, click on Save at the bottom.




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