What Does It Mean If a Lead Is Disabled?




Leads that need attention are notated with a red circle next to the lead.  By clicking on the red circle you will see the pop up titled Why Is This Lead Disabled?"

This just means that the lead/property needs attention.  Typically one of two things has happened and sometimes maybe both, but either way you will need to do a little manual research on this property.  The typical two issues are broken down below.

  • Property Address Not Found:  The system was not able to validate the address as entered.  You will want to make sure the house number, street name, city, etc. are all organized, spelled and abbreviated correctly, according to the official standards of the postal system.  A quick way to check this is by verifying the address directly with the US Postal Service by clicking here.
  • Owner of Record Not Found:  The system was unable to find and validate the owner of record for the lead/property.  You will need to manually research this property before you can send direct mail or skip trace the owner.

Once any additional research is complete, click here to check out the next article on How To Update Disabled Lead.


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