Setting Up Your Marketing Profile


The first thing that you will want to do is to complete your Marketing Profile.  Your marketing profile will contain your contact information, business information, company logo, etc.  No need to re-enter all of this information every time you want to market to a lead, once completely you can simply choose which marketing profile you would like to use and all of the information will be automatically populated to your marketing campaign.


Step 1:  Click on the Marketing Profiles button under the Mailers section on the left side menu bar.



Step 2:  Click on the Plus Icon on the top right to add a new Marketing Profile.



Step 3:  Enter a Nickname for your Marketing Profile and complete the Contact Info and Return Address Sections which are highlighted below.


  • Nickname:  This is your nickname for your marketing profile.  You may want to set-up numerous profiles depending on your target markets so this is a easy way to filter your profiles.
  • Business Name:  This is the name that will appear on your return address. You can use the name of your investment business, or your own name if you prefer.
  • Name:  This is the name that will appear on your mailer. Some people prefer to use a pseudonym for privacy, but remember that you may interact personally with the recipients, and you'll need to use your real name for any negotiations.
  • Phone Number:  This is the phone number that will appear on your mailer for call information. You can use a business phone number, or your own personal number.
  • Email:  This is the email address that will appear on your mailer for your contact information.
  • Address:  This is your business address that will appear on your return address.  
  • Website:  This is the website address that will appear on your mailer.
  • Disclaimer (optional):  If you’re a realtor, use this field to type out a licensing disclaimer that will be included at the bottom of all of your mailers.


Step 4:  Set Up Text Response Options (optional).  If you would like to have the option for your leads to send a Text by using a Text Keyword, just add the phone number or Short Code that you would like to appear on your mailer as well as your Keyword.



Step 5:  Upload a Profile Picture and/or Company Logo (optional).  If you would like your profile picture or company logo to appear on your mailers, simply upload the images under the corresponding section.



Step 6:  Click on the SAVE button located at the bottom of the screen.

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