Drop Your First Pin


Let's Drop Your First Pin



Drop your first pin inside your Profit Drive Mobile App!

Maybe you have driven by potential properties and now you're ready to enter them into your Profit Drive Mobile App!

You can find a potential property in the navigation feature of the app. When you have found the property, press down on it with your finger for about three seconds. 

A picture of the property will pop up for you to select. Then, you can include information about the property such as street ranking, lead value, visual inspection, property tags, photos and more. 

Once you hit save, you can then skip trace the owner of that property. After that, a pin will drop on that property where you can read more information about it.

From there, you can add this property to one of your campaigns! 


Thank You!

We appreciate you taking the time to learn how to drop your first pin! For questions, contact us at support@profitdrive.com


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