How Do I View My Routes & Properties?


Let's View Your Tracked Routes & Captured Properties

Now that you have tracked your routes and captured properties, you can review them in Profit Drive.

All of the properties you pinned and the area you drove around in is stored in your routes management system.

No more relying on your memory or your handwritten notes for where you drove and the potential properties you saw. 

Within in a few easy steps, learn how to access your tracked routes and captured properties.  



In this support article, you will learn step-by-step how to view your tracked routes and captured properties.  



1. Log in to your Profit Drive account. Then, click on Routes located on the left-hand menu. 




2. You will be taken to your routes management system. Click on your route name that you previously created for it. 




3. Then, you will be taken to that specific route and captured properties. You can view your route in Maps located at the top of the page.




Click on a pin to view a property.




4. Scroll down to view your list of properties from that route and set the Show Property List toggle to on.





To view property details on a potential lead, click on a specific property


Thank You!

We appreciate you taking the time to learn how to view your tracked routes and captured properties! For questions, contact us at 

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