What is a Motivated Tag?


What is a Motivated Tag?

Motivated Tags are an easy way that Profit Drive helps real estate investors like you work smarter, not harder. We can help you save money on your bottom line while also bringing in more income. Motivated Tags is a great way to narrow your list down to a hyper-targeted motivated seller list.


Why do I Need Motivated Tags?

You have a rich pool of data to pull from in your area but how can you narrow it down to a hyper-target motivated sellers?  Motivated Tags are a great way to narrow down your list easily identifying anyone leads that you have that have multiple motivated tags or appear on numerous lists.

For example, right now you may pull separate lists for homes that are vacant and tax-delinquent and market to the contacts on each list.  There's an overlapping area of homes that are both vacant and tax delinquent.   The more factors or Motivated Tags that apply to a home or property, the more motivated the sellers are likely to be.  

You can narrow your lists down manually, but that takes valuable time.  Instead of having one long, general list, you can have multiple smaller lists that are hyper-targeted.  Combine a series of factors together to find homes and properties that meet more than one of any combination of your factors.  Then, instead of sending 10,000 postcards, you can save that money and target the 500 who are most likely to sell to you.


Examples of Motivated Tags

Simply by adding Motivated Tags to your leads and/or lists, you can easily narrow down your leads to a hyper-targeted list to trigger your marketing campaign.  You will save money by marketing to those who have a higher motivation to sell.

Examples of Motivated Tags you can combine including:

  • Absentee homeowners
  • Tax Liens
  • Probate


Benefits of Using Profit Drive for Motivated Tags & List Stacking

Profit Drive offers a solution for your list stacking needs.  Our solution saves you time and money, helping you identify your most qualified leads for campaigns.  It's easy to get started, and then you can spend more time closing sales.

For more information on List Stacking click Utilize List Stacking to Streamline Your Real Estate Business


Have Questions or Ready to Get Started?

Let us help you get started today.  Just send an email to support@profitdrive.com.  We are happy to help!



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